This green girl is giving up her lazy streak.  No more sleeping in until I absolutely HAVE to get up in order to not get in trouble for being late to work.  I am rising earlier in the morning to be up and at ’em enough to bike to work- daily. 

The only exception to this green change is rain (and the occasional snow day).  I know that “no one is so sweet that they melt in the rain” and that if I were really “Hard Core!” that it wouldn’t matter, but I’m not and it does and showing up looking like a drowned rat (because I’ll never be that woman who looks beautiful when caught up in a rain storm) really lowers my tip percentage. 

So there you have it friends and fellow greenies.  This Girl is giving up the luxury of driving in her non-air-conditioned black Honda Civic to work and back. 

I think that it is a pretty big step.  One I am going to do everything in my power to make happen.

If you see me cruising by on my yellow beach cruiser with the basket on the front feel free to give a wave.  I’m the girl wearing this helmet from Nutcase, which is a local Portland company. 

Just another way I like to keep it green ; )