… Is to boycott any and all businesses that are still using any form of styrofoam.

I was out grabbing some groceries today and decided to “treat myself” to a smoothie at Jamba Juice (you know, “The Man” of all juice bars that puts other local juice bars out of business according to Baby Mama) since it shared the same parking lot and it was particularly hot today.

What horrific surprise came with my Mango A Go-Go left me determined to never return to the home of the Corporate Thugs of the Juice World. 

Who still uses styrofoam!  It’s 2008.  Get with the program and quit kicking Mother Earth in the shins just to save a few billion pennies. “Jamba!” that…

Unfortunately, the sushi place around the corner also uses styrofoam plates to serve their fast food mall sushi.  Cutting the mid-afternoon sushi runs out of my life won’t be hard, considering I only went there because it was the only sushi joint I could find that serves between three and five.  That is, until I was told that New Seasons makes sushi per request and it too shares the parking lot.

So, the Boycotted Business List thus far reads:

–  Jamba Juice
–  Mall sushi restaurant (whose name I will remember later)
–  Maryville Nursing Home. (Who has styrofoam cups in the employee breakroom.)
–  Coldstone Creamery
– Thai Derm in Beaverton.
– Quiznos
– Hawaiian BBQ joint on Cedar Hills.
The Human Bean