Cell PhonesI hate having to switch cell phone companies because it always means having to buy a new phone that works with whatever new company I am now defined by.

There was a time when I have four cell phones hanging out in random drawers in my home because I moved so much and was constantly switching to better service areas. 

Then I wised up and decided to Clear My Clutter in an at temp to Feng Shui my life into a less chaotic state.

Getting rid of junk is surprisingly liberating.  It amazes me how much our stuff actually weighs us down and how much more energy we have once we clear all the things we don’t need and love out of our lives. 

The envigorating clutter clearing involved the going through off all my junk drawers (yes, I had more than one) and having to find a new home for my many unusable cell phones.  Instead of tossing them in the trash or the Goodwill box, as were my first and second instincts, I donated them to my friend Brie who then passes them on to the charity of her choice. 

Lucky for me, she already had a cell phone recycling program set up, but anyone can recycle those wonderfully pesky communication devices by clicking here, here or hereplus the many other sites that can be found online ;)