Today I went paperless.

Not like before when I “went paperless” but only half assed it.  This time I WENT PAPERLESS!

All but one of my bills now come to me via email.  The only exception is my utility bill.  Unfortunately, the city of Beaverton is not quite with the times in this tree hugging movement, but I am sending encouraging thoughts their way.

It took much longer than I had expected to get my mailman to frequent my front stoop less often, but having today of to whatever I please left my afternoon wide open to visit the half dozen websites it took to make this change possible.  I highly encourage everyone to do the same, even if you do it as you receive each individual bill (which is MUCH easier, but uses more paper in the long run).

It really is a weigh your pros and cons situation ;)

In other news, I rode my bike everywhere today!  I first cruised by the BeaverCity farmers market for some local fleurs for my newly cleaned off dining room table, but had no luck.  Most of the flower booths had only meager bouquets or were missing all together.  O well, there is always next week ;)

After my walk through the market, I zipped up the back road (which has a fantastic bike lane) to tanning- which I know is NOT in any form going green, but I am looking pretty pasty and the lotion I use leaves me smelling like frosting and cake batter…

I then popped over to the local wine house for a couple of bottles of something crisp and white to restock my bare wine cabinet.  Speaking of wine… I need to look up a local cork recycling program.


A veggie sandwich and a soy chai at the coffee house down the street tied me over for lunch and gave me just enough energy to bike it to the garage sale on the way back to my house where I found Popples paper plates and a vintage decanter (which I am collecting to put bath oil in for my cottage bathroom someday). 

All in all, it was a very productive day.