This may or may not come as a shock to you, but my family makes fun of me.  A lot.  Especially around Christmas time when I am uncrumpling all the tissue paper and putting it in my present pile to take home and reuse next year.  Despite the familiar ridicule, the crinkled but still good to reuse tissue paper makes its way to my wrapping hat box.

I am not the best gift giver because I don’t think it is right to get someone something just to give them something when it isn’t what they want or need.  That is why I have never been very good with birthdays and holidays or graduation gifts.  I am more of a “let me take you out for dinner or happy hour to celebrate” kind of girl than the average consumer who just feels the need to buy. 

That being said, I have made a conscious effort to wrap what little gifts I actually give in recycled products.  I think it comes from my Papa Pinky who used to regift the same gift bag every year.  It became a game of sorts, where we even recycled our birthday cards by adding a couple more candles or just crossing out the “Happy Graduation!” and writing in “Get Well Soon!” ;)

So this one is for you Papa…

… No more new gift wrap, cards, or bags.