… I made it to Ashland safe and sound today.  It was a journey that almost didn’t happen, but thanks to a pep talk from Jen and my want to not waste my concert tickets (which I ended up bagging anyway) my reunion with my favorite city in the world has begun.

Though this trip will require me to use more than a single tank of gas this month, I am determined to go as green as possible while enjoying my vaycay. 

My first Southern Oregon green change was actually inspired (and followed though with) by Sam, a friend from high school and the husband to and soon to be father with my beautiful friend Maggie. 

My high tech laptop (one of my most treasured possessions) has changed its shade of choice from pink to green by going low power. 

Did you know that with Vista, there is a function under the power monitor that gives you the option to go into power saver mode?  That’s right friends, with a bit of dimming of the screen and a slightly slower running time, my life line to Cyber NeverNeverLand can run a little greener.