I went shopping when I was in Astoira last week…

… at my favorite vintage jewelry store Jonathon’s, where Charlie, the owner, always takes fabulous care of me.  He introduces us ASS girls to his employees as “the girls who run the Astoria restaurant circut” which is always followed by: “they get the family discount.”

There, I found the fantastic Goldstone cocktail ring and pearl earrings pictured above.  I have been wearing my mom’s pearl earrings everyday for the past couple of years and finally splurged for a pair of my own. 

I simply told Charlie that I wanted “big pearl earrings” and he smiled and told me he had a pair he knew I would love.


Not that it is extremely far off from my normal jewelry habits, because let’s face it, at least half off everything I wear comes from Charlie, but for my next Green Greenie pledge, my friends, I am going to only buy vintage (resale) and hand made (from local artists and etsy dealers) jewelry from here on out. 

And on a complete side note, I am going to make a conscious effort to get back into my own jewelry making again.  Just for fun. 

If any of you lovely readers find yourselves in Astoria, make sure to go into Jonathon’s on 12th street and tell him Emily sent you.  You will not be disappointed!