… hates styrofoam.

… will always let someone know if what they are throwing away can be recycled.

… is slowly replacing her car with her beautiful new yellow cruiser.

… loves vintage everything.

… thinks that older men are incredibly sexy.

… is so proud to be her mother’s daughter.

… wishes she had more greenery in her life.

… thinks all lemons should be seedless and all left turn signals lights should blink yellow.

… loves patio furniture indoors.

… is ready for a man who knows who he is and wants to learn about everything she is as well.

… can be found in skirts and dresses at all times other than the gym and work.

… loves Pandora.

… hates lettuce on her sandwiches.

… thinks butter on her fingers is the grossest thing in the world (and having to touch raw chicken).

… loves wind chimes and paper lanterns.

… is going green ; )