Here is a list of the Green Steps this Eco-Friendlier Gal is taking thus far…

  1. Boycotting all business who are still in the Stone Age state of mind and are still using Styrofoam!
  2. Biking it up at every chance.
  3. Going paperless by switching all my banking and bill pay to online.
  4. Donating old cell phones (and other electronics) to charity.
  5. Giving up bottled water and vowed to use her reusable Sigg instead.
  6. Replacing paper towels with E-cloths.  No more paper products (other than recycled TP) welcome here.
  7. Keeping it local with Oregon micro-brews and wines.
  8. Unplugging the microwave for good.
  9. Using recycled gift wrap, cards, and bags . 
  10. Making my high tech laptop low powered by using the power saver mode.
  11. Going local and organic with lotion and reed diffusers.
  12. Recycling current magazines and giving up purchasing any others.
  13. Using to stop unwanted phonebooks.
  14. Only buying vintage and etsy jewelry.