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I used to be (what I thought to be) a water snob.  I only drank certain kinds of bottled water and if I had to *gasp* drink from the tap, it had better had been purified. 

True story.  I was also the girl who wore a pink glitter belt with her Gap capris and fitted jean jacket for a touch of flare to go with her preppyhood.  I even had a friend’s mom once tell me that I always looked like I stepped right out of a J Crew catalog.  I beamed with pride at that very thought of my J crew wearing, preppy self  shopping at the mall, bottled water in hand, giggling at the cute sales boys at Abercrombie and Fitch

… then I got over myself and realized that water is water, and water in plastic bottles was actually worse than water from the tap because of the plastic waste it results in.  And that most of the cute sales boys at A&F were into the other cute sales boys and no combination of khaki and pink would ever sway them to think twice about what was hidden under my training bra…     

… and malls are lame.

So, since my days of ruling the “Itty bitty titty committee” and cruising the mall, I have given up on the plastic aqua holders in search of something that leeches less, looks cute (What can I say?  I did sport the same jean jacket today but am very thankful to have owned nothing khaki in years!) and is eco-friendly. 

This is what I sport when I cruise the gym for hot guys workout. 

So kids, the moral of the story is, give up the bad for Mama Earth bottled water and invest in a Sigg like I did… 

… And most guys at the gym are there for the possibility of sex with the other guys at the gym.

Some things don’t change.  I always seem to like them better when they are gay ;)


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