Things I don’t know if I will ever be green enough to go without…

— Q-tips.  I know that the only thing you should ever stick into your ear is your elbow, but these wonderful cotton swabs are a vital part of makeup removal and the scratching of the inner ear.  I love them.

— Seafood.  I could easily give up meat, break my affair with sausage even, but I will never withhold salmon sashimi from my tongue’s tasty buds.  There are worse things to be than a seafood loving semi-vegetarian.

— My vacuum cleaner.  I hate dustpans. 

— Tampons with applicators.  I will stick with convenience and brand loyalty on this one… The Tampax stay!

— Flushing.  I don’t care what color it is, letting things “mellow” in my toilet makes stains. Gross.